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Willan on-joining a reading group

Every morning on my way to work, I pass by the newly1 opened English Bookshop.

Several years in a row I have said that this one was going to be the year of reading. But it never happened. After browsing The English Bookstore’s site a little, I quickly noticed they have both a book club and reading groups going on.

As I feel like I need to do some more things away from my computer screens, I signed up for the Göteborg newsletter and waited for the Fantasy reading group invite.

Today that one landed in my inbox2. So I swung by the shop. I now have until 2023-01-30 to read Richard Swan’s The Justice of Kings. Bought from the shop for 150 SEK. See my copy on LibraryThing.

I have revived my LibraryThing account and the idea is to track the books I got for the reading groups in their own collection. Though I might not stick with LibraryThing, as I do not find it the most pleasant website to use. If people have other recommendations for book tracking, get in touch!

Post title is in reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and how to talk in future tense. I have not joined any reading groups until I actually turn up to the reading group on the 30th, which I will most definitely do.

  1. OK, so opening night was on 2022-09-17, maybe I am just late to the party.

  2. Archived on The Internet Archive, because I do not trust Mailchimp links to survive.