Martijn has Bear

Every year a new blog

Every year is the year I start blogging. This means that by the end of December I am hard at work building my own blogging platform, or heavily modding an existing one. Just to miss the January deadline and to give up again.

So what if I just get someone else to handle the blog for me? That is my plan now, and why I signed up for Bear today.

Of course I cannot leave myself completely to the whims of an external party. I have started playing around within building a small library that will let me control the blog from code.

The proof of concept is currently able to modify the home page. Which is all it needed to proof. I should be able to scale this up to all other parts of Bear soon.

Why? I am not sure yet. But it could help me automate some things. Maybe I will start with a Webmention sender once I am able to parse posts? 🤔